We are an impartial fire protection consulting service, helping clients deliver fire stopping and passive fire safety solutions to the highest standards


Experts in Industry Best Practice

By working with Fire Compliance Plus, companies will gain extra assurance that all fire stopping works are installed in adherence to the latest regulations and manufacturing standards. As a completely independent company, Fire Compliance Plus are in the ideal position to provide technical guidance and uphold robust standards of quality control.

Fire Compliance Plus have established themselves as leading experts in the fire protection industry. Fire Compliance Plus are members of various thought-leading bodies, including the Fire Protection Association (FPA) and the Association of Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP). Finally, we are also Constructionline members and are fully compliant with the requirements of ISO9001:2015.

Compliance First

By offering consulting, training, and installation services, we help clients uphold the highest possible standards in fire protection and fire stopping.


By operating completely independently, Fire Compliance Plus are free to focus on clients’ unique needs and requirements, providing impartial guidance and support.

Knowledge Share

Fire Compliance Plus have accumulated a vast amount of industry knowledge, and are committed to ensuring clients gain the full benefit of their expertise.

Client & Manufacturer Partnerships

Our clients often liaise with a range of global manufacturers, which at times can be time-consuming. As well as this, these manufacturers offer an abundance of information which can be difficult to understand.

Fire Compliance Plus utilises a large network of industry contacts, so clients can benefit from a collaborative and holistic approach to fire protection. By creating close relationships between clients and trusted partners, Fire Compliance Plus helps to raise the bar on fire protection best practice.


View recent examples of our expert fire protection consulting

Technical Director

David Lamb - MBA

David Lamb has worked for passive fire protection and fire stopping installation companies for over 35 years worldwide, since around 1984, providing a high level of competence. Working and consulting on a vast variety of passive fire systems from intumescent coatings, sprayed cementitious systems and fire stopping Installations.

Technical Manager

Jonpaul Moore - FSIDIP

Working with installing fire stopping and passive fire protection companies over the past 3 years, Jonpaul has gained valuable fire stopping on site experience. During this time he has have achieved multiple qualifications concerning the correct specification, installation and inspection of fire stopping works.

Firestopping Manager

Liam Keenan - MEng

Working with a leading worldwide specialist encasement rigid board fire protection and firestopping manufactures for the last 2 years, Liam, has gained valuable insight, knowledge and experience with an extensive understanding of rigid boarded systems. He also provides specification assistance as well as solutions for complex environments.

Technical Engineer

Gurps Gill - BSc(Hons) TIFireE

Gurps Gill has vast amount of industry knowledge having previously worked as Firestop Engineer for a leading passive fire protection manufacturer and gaining internationally recognised IFE level 3 qualification in Passive Fire Protection. Gurps has a very good understanding of the test standards and firestopping systems.

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