Fire Protection Validation Services

Fire Compliance Plus offer specialist validations of passive fire protection systems for both new and ongoing projects. By validating passive fire protection installations, clients can remain confident that their work is fully compliant with regulatory requirements and best practice.

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    Passive Fire Protection Validations

    Our biggest priority is ensuring that our clients’ passive fire protection measures comply with the latest industry standards. Installers and site managers in need of validation can enlist our independent fire protection validation services.

    By investing in a thorough passive fire protection validation, site teams can gain specialist knowledge whilst minimising any risks associated with non-compliance. The validation process is crucial for sharing knowledge of best practice, as well as helping to identify where processes can be made more efficient and cost-effective.

    Fire Compliance Plus offers expert guidance and support across all areas of passive fire protection. This includes the validation of technical submittals, product selections, and finally installer and applicator audits and validations. We remain impartial throughout the process, working with clients as early as possible to ensure compliance at every stage.

    • Validating Installations

      As a trusted third-party, we add an extra layer of quality assurance to passive fire protection installations, giving clients confidence in their ongoing projects.

    • Professional Consulting

      Fire Compliance Plus can advise on all aspects of passive fire protection, from system design to materials and vendors, guaranteeing compliance from start to finish.

    • Sharing Knowledge

      We remain at the forefront of industry development, keeping our clients abreast of new technologies and methods to changes in regulatory requirements.


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