No1 Grosvenor Square

Grosvenor Square was a ten-floor luxury residential development. Fire Compliance Plus were brought on board by a specialist installer to help implement a large-scale passive fire protection strategy. Our remit was to provide expert technical support for multiple fire protection solutions.

This was a particularly challenging project for several reasons. For example, we were tasked with overseeing the firestopping for the basement, which contained not only a spa, gym and pool but also car parking facilities. This type of multipurpose space often leads to plant rooms becoming congested, complicating efforts to install fully-compliant firestopping solutions. 

Residents would access the car park via a lift, so any firestopping needed to accommodate high levels of movement. As well as this, the floors in the development were supported on “springs”. This required very high deflection dampening to limit any vibrations in the floors.

Grosvenor Square was a premium housing project with a variety of high-class facilities. This meant that aesthetics were a priority, which is somewhat unusual given the number of developments using basements for strictly functional purposes (e.g. storage). 

To ensure full compliance, we needed to understand the unique design of this development (particularly the basement facilities.) Therefore, we liaised with architects and the client’s project management teams over the course of multiple site visits. Ultimately, we welcomed the opportunity to be presented with new challenges, allowing us to tailor our technical guidance across a range of complex design requirements.

Fire Compliance Plus are dedicated to helping clients realise the full benefits of compliance. With decades of industry experience, we act as trusted experts in all aspects of passive fire protection and fireproofing.

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