Tufnell Park

A large-scale construction project was initiated for Tufnell Park Primary School to double its capacity to over 600 pupils. Highlights included light wells in the main corridors, reaching up three floors to create a bright spacious interior. Additionally, the school’s entrance space was...

The main contractor for Tufnell Park directly employed Fire Compliance Plus to authenticate the installation of passive fire protection works. More specifically, our expertise was required to approve the quality of works and systems used for service penetrations throughout the building.

Service penetrations occur when cables, wires or pipes create breaches in compartments, as part of efforts to provide key services (e.g. electricity or phone and Internet access). If they are not swiftly identified and firestopped, any compartmentation in a building may be compromised. In the event of a fire, compartmentation is critical to limiting the spread of smoke and flames.

Any service penetrations in a building are required to be installed by specialist 3rd party certified installers. Moreover, this installation must be based on specific methods outlined by manufacturers. When firestopping service penetrations, we must consider several factors in order to authenticate quality: 

  • The distinction between the test standards for systems (e.g. EN or BS)
  • The certification of the specific product or system
  • The type of services that may be causing a compartment breach
  • Any installation parameters or requirements set out by manufacturers

Our team thoroughly surveyed, inspected and authenticated service penetrations throughout Tufnell Park. All of our work was carried out in collaboration with specialist installers. Our team then advised installers of any potential shortcomings, enabling them to then consider and rectify any future issues. We place a lot of value in sharing our in-depth knowledge, helping to collectively raise standards for passive fire protection. 

At Fire Compliance Plus, our years of industry experience means we are a trusted authority in all matters related to passive fire protection. By providing authentication and technical guidance, clients are assured that projects are fully compliant and completed to the highest standard. Contact our team today for high-calibre consulting and on-site support.

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